Boudica, Sketch Dump

New project, new sketch book, happy times.

We’ve started a new project called life stories, and I’ve chosen Boudica.
So here’s some sketches!

The crack team of Cardinals hunts down the leak

The Vatican is on the hunt for that little leak!

Part of my extra editorial project, or “G2+”

“Short one liners,” as my lecturer said.

G2, Noels Troll


Noel went to meet the guy who made that Facebook group.
The Troll swiftly apologised.

G2, Just like us?

Playing on the old conspiracy that they’re lizards!

G2, Urban Exploration


Urban exploration, and those who are against it.

G2, Syria

G2, Syria.

G2 Drake

Could you get any more literal?

G2 Brains


The quote has remarkably little do with the actual article, and therefore the picture makes little sense!

(They’re meant to be syringes)

The Dame, G2


G2 project, Dame Edna Everage